Looking to replace your windows or want to get windows for your new construction? Then it is essential for you to work with a reputable company. The big question, however, is how to know if you are dealing with one. We understand the struggle that comes with selecting the right manufacturer. This post will let you in on invaluable information provided by experts from Ecoline Windows Replacement company that will help you in selecting the right people for the job. Tag along.

Variety of products available

One crucial factor when selecting a window company to work with is the variety when it comes to the types of windows available.

You may not know this, but windows come in several styles that you could choose from. Take a look at the most popular types of windows in the country.

1.Picture Windows

Get an unobstructed view of the beautiful scenery right from your home. This type of window ensures your room gets enough natural light while making any space appear larger as well. Keep in mind that these windows are not functional as they do not open. It is best to pair them with a functional one.

Picture window

Picture window

2.Sliding Windows

This is one of the most popular designs. It is pretty easy to move. Operation done is by sliding the window to open or shut.

3.Crank Style Windows

Crank windows comprise both the awning and casement type of windows. These types of windows are super energy-efficient since they are made with compression seals for ultimate insulation. The difference between awning and casement windows is that the former opens outwards from the top while the latter opens from the inside.

4.Hung Windows

This option is also one of the most popular to install. They open horizontally and bring in enough sunlight and ventilation. They are not as energy efficient as crank windows, given that they make use of weather stripping instead of compression seals for insulation.

Energy Efficiency Standards: What to Keep in Mind

Companies whose products have passed the Energy Efficient Standards are often considered reputable, and it wise to always choose them over any other. Here, in Canada, windows are considered energy efficient if they are Energy Star rated.

What does that mean exactly for you as the consumer? Well, Energy Star Certification is usually a label for high-efficiency products, windows in particular.

Usually, these products have better energy saving capacities of up to 20% as compared to others made as per the basic building code standards. When considering windows, Energy Star assesses the following as the primary criteria for Energy Certification.

  1. The U-factor

This is the heat transfer rate. Windows with a lower U-factor transfer heat slower from the window’s warmer side to the colder side.

When it comes to insulation, windows with a lower U-factor perform much better.

  1. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

This is a measure of the heat gained in the room through the windows from the sun. It is often expressed as coefficients or sometimes as a percentage.

Windows with higher values of Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) have more passive heat gain from the sun and are ideal for cold climates.

  1. Airtightness

This metric measures the rate of airflow through the product at a pressure difference, often from the inside to the outside or vice versa.

Basically, windows with greater airflow are less tight, hence doing very little to save energy.

  1. Energy rating

This is the overall rating and balance between airtightness, U-factor, and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. Windows with a higher energy rating usually indicate a perfect balance between the three aforementioned variables and are more energy-efficient.

Keep a close eye on companies that market only the U-factor; by doing this, they ignore the other two variables, which ultimately isn’t an accurate representation of the window’s entire energy efficiency.

Energy Star Rating

Manufacturer Information

Identifying the manufacturer’s information is a wise move for you as a homeowner.

Getting the manufacturer’s information is not so difficult. If you have pre-installed windows and you are looking to replace them, look for markings on the windows or initials that may indicate what company made the window.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a window for your new building, you could have the option of asking the installer. Lastly, do your due diligence beforehand; this may help you get information about the manufacturers. Your manufacturer should always be certified and follow all your local building codes to avoid troubles later.

Professional Licenses

Asking for professional licenses is essential for you as the consumer. Any reputable company should have no problem letting you know whether or not they are licensed for operation. Also, the licenses will let you know for how long the company has been in business. Installers should also follow the CSA guidelines and local codes to ensure the work being done in accordance with all regulations. It is also a good sign if a company has their products Energy Star and NAFS-11 tested. This will inform you in making decisions on whether to work with them down the line.

Guarantee Options

Longevity is vital, especially when working with windows. In fact, it is usually a sign of quality work. Proper window installation should roughly last you up to 25 years, and this should be your threshold as far as warranty before signing any contract with any company. Here are some of the things that a warranty should be able to cover:

  • Any type of leaks through the windows
  • Manufacturing defects compromising the efficiency of the windows
  • Issues on the window related to the glass or its nonglass components.

Before arriving at any company, look at their reputation, products and real customer reviews. From there, you can decide whether the company will be able to promise a decent warranty down the line.

The Bottom Line

Deciding on the right window company often appears as an intimidating task especially if you don’t know where to look. However, the information you’ve read should point you in the right direction and help you have an easy time deciding on a company.