Windows made of uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) offer a strong combination of plastic and steel. They deliver the best of both worlds: their smooth plastic frames are reinforced with metal inserts. This explains the advantages they deliver. 

Due to enhanced strength, uPVC is also widely used for pipelines and doors. In window construction, it covers a steel core. Galvanized steel is impressively sturdy, and so are the windows. The end product is resistant to damage and the elements. And there’s more!

Little Maintenance

When properly installed, such windows require only occasional maintenance. This is why so many homeowners opt for uPVC when they decide to replace their windows. They hardly ever need to lubricate their metal parts.


Great for Harsh Weather

Wooden windows are notorious for their vulnerability to difficult climates. This natural material is bound to warp due to moisture sooner or later. These windows may shrink or expand, so their owners need a replacement. In comparison, reinforced uPVC is perfectly weatherproof. It does not lose its shape.

Therefore, these windows are strong enough to withstand the elements and prevent break-ins. uPVC is the usual choice for the upper floors of multi-storeyed buildings. The windows may be further reinforced if necessary. 


Better Insulation

Generally, these windows guarantee better noise insulation as compared to other materials like wood. Their acoustic qualities are impressive. Even homeowners who live in noisy areas are not bothered by any traffic sounds. They enjoy a cozy and peaceful atmosphere at any time. 

Difficult to Break

These windows are nearly unbreakable, as damaging them requires a lot of physical force. Their firm layer of steel does not bend. As a result, they are safe and secure. You do not need to worry about burglars getting in. Moreover, most models are also designed as anti-crowbar. This means intruders may not use their conventional tools on them. 


Fire Safety

With uPVC windows, you need not worry about combustion. They are both fire resistant and fire retardant.


No Rotting or Rusting

Yes, these windows will never rot. This is another major advantage over natural wood. uPVC models are resistant to corrosion and salt erosion. They last longer than wooden windows by definition.


Installation Guarantee

Professional installation teams provide homeowners with a guarantee. 


Cross Ventilation

uPVC windows may be opened from both sides, so they allow unhindered circulation of air between the inside and the outside environments. 


A Popular Choice

Windows made of uPVC are extremely popular due to their superior qualities. These windows protect homeowners against burglars and harsh weather. They are also widely used by businesses. 

These models are more durable and secure than any wooden alternatives. The polymer acquires all the necessary properties during production. Reinforced with steel, it becomes sturdy and resistant to physical attacks and the elements.